Construction Accidents

Every year thousand of people are victims of various on the job construction accidents. In many cases this could mean the loss of potential income and increased medical expenses as you struggle to overcome the different injuries. This is why it is important to understand the different types of construction accidents and why they occur, which is useful in helping to prepare any kind of accident or personal injury claim.


This is by far the most common type of construction accident. What happens is someone is exposed to loose wires that have very high voltage, not only resulting in electrocution but also various burns and falls. In most situations these accidents are caused from negligence, where many people simply overlook the fact that dangerous electrical wires are hanging.


Another common injury within the construction industry are falls. This is because on some job sites there are hazards that are clearly unmarked which can lead to numerous fall related accidents including: unprotected slides, poor scaffold construction and not properly securing ladders.


A third kind of construction accident are various collisions that occur with different objects, meaning that someone is injured or killed because they are struck by trucks, heavy equipment or debris. Together this kind of accident accounts for almost 25% of the total accidents reported each year.<!–adsensestart–>

Construction accidents can be directly shown as one reason why so many hard working people are needlessly suffering each year. In many cases these accidents can add the one element that most families simply can not afford right now, increased health care costs. That being said, as the recent court case against BP for the 2007 toxic chemical release at its Texas City refinery shows that when these accidents occur employers need to be held responsible for their actions. What happened was a federal appeals court in Galveston, Texas recently award employees $100 million for the injuries that they sustained because of the incident.

Clearly there are a number of different construction accidents that can occur. Above are just three, by understanding what are the causes of these accidents and how they have been applied to recent court cases will help you to have an understanding as to what your rights are in these situations. This is useful in helping to prepare the most effective case so that you can recover from your injuries and continue with a normal life.