Daycare Abuse

Some innocent children become innocent victims in day cares around the United States. Physical abuse, which is any type of physical injury inflicted on the child; mental abuse, is the result of cruelty from statements, threats, made by the adult to the child; neglect, which is the adult simply not paying proper attention to the child. These are all serious issues that injure your child.

Day care centers, be they in the home of a family friend, or at a franchised center, have been given the trust, by the parent to care for a child. Unfortunately, in many of the situations abuse remains unknown because the child is too frightened to report it to anyone. In other situations the child is too young to communicate the situation. Physical abuse, mental abuse, and neglect are each a major danger while your child is in the care of someone else. As a parent, or guardian, it is important for you to be aware of signs that may indicate such behavior.

Your child should be observed for physical symptoms. You should also be aware of any kind of behavioral change. If the child is old enough then you should have a discussion to find out what might be causing the changes. Physical symptoms of daycare abuse might involve crying or throwing a tantrum, or fighting to try to stay away from the daycare. While at home the child might seem frightened or nervous. There might be bruises or other physical damages on the body with no explanation as to why.

In a daycare there can also be mental abuse. The child receives no attention or affection. This will follow the child home. There might be extreme behaviors, unexplained sicknesses, less communication, or other symptoms indicating that there is a problem. If the daycare is neglecting your child s/he might frequently be very dirty, appear hungry, or crave attention.

You might choose to discuss your issues with other parents to “compare notes.” If the issue seems to be happening with other children then it is time to call child protective services. Before talking with parents, or before doing anything else, if you think your child is being mistreated in any way then it is imperative to remove your child from the daycare. If you feel something is wrong then your suspicions are most likely correct. Do not hesitate, do not make your child face another day of fear, simply take him/her off the daycare roster.