Are Police Officers eligible for workers’ compensation and Counseling?

Police officers are eligible for workers’ compensation claims and counseling. A police officer is an employee of either a Federal or State law enforcement agency. Employers are legally required to have workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation coverage is dependent upon the where the employer conducts business. An injured employee has an absolute right to receive medical care for injuries sustained while performing the duties of their employment. Workers’ compensation coverage in Illinois includes medical expenses and it also covers any rehabilitation costs, vocational rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and any permanent disability. Eligibility for workers’ compensation coverage requires that the injury or disability be directly related to the employees employment responsibilities. Work related injuries can be denied if the employee is impaired by alcohol or drugs, or if the employee intentionally harms themselves. In the event that the police offer needs Southlake counseling services he should contact someone quickly.

A police officer that is injured on the job is entitled to workers’ compensation. The injured employee must provide proper notice of the injury to the employer. A workers’ compensation claim may result in the necessity of hiring Chicago workers compensation attorneys if the injured employee follows the proper reporting requirements and the employer refuses to provide the necessary paperwork to the employee. Because of all the paperwork, legal counsel may be required to protect the legal rights of the injured employee if the employee does notify the employer of the injury in a timely manner or if the employer disputes the factual basis of the injury. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is cost effective if the employee’s injuries are substantial and the injuries prevent the injured employee from returning to work. The fees charged by a workers’ compensation attorney depend upon the state that has jurisdiction over the case. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney will protect the legal rights of the injured employee to receive the maximum workers’ compensation benefits that they are eligible for.

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