Trail Lawyers and Success

Trail Lawyers are the stars of the legal industry. These are Lawyers that get all the accolades and attention when the settle a large scale lawsuit and collect millions and in some cases billions of dollars for their clients in the process.

A couple of examples of some the largest lawsuits ever won by trail lawyers:

  • In 1997 a 368 billion dollar settlement with the Tobacco industry brought by 40 Attorney Generals
  •  Merck settles for 4.85 billion dollars for its defective drug Vioxx which was causing heart attacks

Generally these massive settlements come from the wrong doing of large corporations who skirted federal laws and lied about the data they used to justify their legal position that their product was not harmful to people.  In the case of Big Tobacco, the Attorneys had thousands of pages of documents that were secretly copied from the tobacco companies as well as 2 whistle blowers. All of this made for an air tight case that forced all the tobacco companies to settle the case with the AG’s of most of the states.

No doubt there will always be successful trial lawyers as lawsuits are brought by individuals who have been injured due to negligence, inadequate product testing, or poor product design. These lawsuits will also be brought by the families of deceased persons who died as a result of using a product or being exposed to something due to negligence of a company. It is a necessary check and balance system that holds these large corporations accountable for bad decision making and cutting corners.

As much as we want to believe corporations and companies have their customer’s best interest at heart, frequently they are only considering the bottom line and in increasing stock performance in making their financial decisions. Until this greed based decision making stops being the norm, trial lawyers will be a necessary tool  to keep these companies in check and make sure they think long and hard about the decisions they are making when creating and introducing a new product.




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