Spinal Injury: Causes and the Law

When one thinks of spinal injury, the first thing that comes to mind is a fall from a high place or a car accident. These may be true, but it could also be caused by excess strain to ones back during sports or strenuous tasks and even gunshot wounds. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure; it affects and changes the lives of the injured party and also those around them. Luckily, there are laws and lawsuits that protect those afflicted thus ensuring due compensation.

What is the spinal cord? It is, quite simply the backbone of the human anatomy. It is an 18 inch cord in the body that runs from the base of the neck right down to the waist area. It is covered by interconnecting bones known as vertebra. A spinal injury will come about if one or more of these vertebra are affected by trauma caused by any of the above situations. Parts of the body that could be affected by spinal injury include the chest, the hip area, the pelvic region and even the neck. Another thing that can cause spinal injury is a medical procedure gone wrong or diseases like Spina Bifida or Polio that weaken the spinal cord. Other conditions that may come about due to injury of the spine include limited or no mobility and loss of feeling in the affected parts of the body.

Examples of a spinal injury caused by negligence are:

  • hazardous work conditions
  • a loose stair steps
  • an injury caused by defective products
  • faulty seat-belts
  • construction related falls

To file a lawsuit it is important to keep all medical documents, police reports and a credible account of the events leading to the spinal injury. The plaintiff can get compensation for medical costs, wages as well as payment for pain and suffering. It is said that lifetime care and rehabilitation of a spinal injury patient can incur costs between $700,000 to well over $3 million so it is important to get a lawyer who specializes in personal injury to make sure that justice is served.
If the injury is the fault of another party like an employer, the other party in an accident or even a surgeon or doctor, then there are a number of lawsuits that can be filed against them. The affected party should consult a competent personal injury lawyer.