Surgery Accidents

One of the

scariest aspects of going in for surgery, is the thought that a doctor’s error could make things worse than
they already are. Surgery is supposed to heal you, but serious surgery mistakes are more common than you might think.

You have probably heard a story of someone going in for a simple surgery, and losing their life from a error made during the procedure. Here are some of the most common surgery mistakes made during the process of surgery. If you or a loved one have experienced complications from surgery you have a right to compensation. If any of these mistakes sound like a likely explanation for your problem, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.

The most common mistakes happen before you are even on the operating table. Surgery mistakes are most often the case of human error, usually by someone being careless and sloppy.

Sometimes, a doctor will misdiagnose your condition and recommend surgery when it is not necessary. This can lead to a surgeon damaging a perfectly healthy body part with unnecessary surgery. It is your doctor’s responsibility to ensure that the medication and anesthesia you receive will do you no harm.  Between icd, code compliance and technologies like Dell PACS, there is little to no reason for a mindless errors when an individual’s medical history and all the relevant data is readily available at your doctor’s fingertips.

The most common causes of complications, usually either brain damage or death, are a result of an allergic reaction to anesthesia, or combining two or more medications that have a harmful result when mixed. It is your doctor’s responsibility to ensure that the medication and anesthesia you receive will do you no harm.

Mistakes made during the actual procedure are actually quite rare, but they can cause serious damage if they happen. You have probably heard horror stories of someone going in to have a limb amputated, and the surgeon accidentally removing the wrong one. Mistakes such as using unsanitary surgical instruments or accidentally puncturing tissue or organs are the more common procedural errors that can occur.

Cleaning and closing the site of surgery is one of the most important steps in the process, and one where mistakes are often made. It is possible to develop a serious infection if the incision is not closed properly. After the pre-surgery mistakes, this would be the most common error.

You sometimes hear of surgeons accidentally leaving their instruments inside the body, but this is a very rare occurrence.
As a patient you must educate yourself on your rights. The mistakes mentioned in this article are inexcusable and completely avoidable. They are the cause of gross negligence, and you are entitled to receive a significant amount of compensation if you are a victim of such errors. If you have any inclination that you, or someone you know, is the victim of a surgery mistake, it is your right to seek a personal injury settlement.