Wrong Site Surgery

Each year, many people are seriously injured or die due to a shocking area of medical malpractice referred to as “wrong site surgery”. This type of malpractice involves medical personnel operating at the wrong site on the patient, on the wrong limb, on the wrong organ, or even on the wrong patient.

There can never be a good reason for such an error and the negligence of the medical staff must always be investigated. Such wrong site surgery can also result in improper amputation or the removal of a perfectly healthy organ.

Wrong site surgery is often associated with:

* Poor pre-surgery planning
* Doctors or staff that are hurried or time constrained
* Unusual anatomy of patient such as morbid obesity or a physical deformity
* Failure of communication between medical staff and surgeon
* Too many surgeons involved
* Multiple procedures taking place in a short time period
* Doctors or staff with alcohol or drugs in their system
* Failure to follow established surgical protocols