Wrongful Death Information

Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed in a court of law when a person feels that a family member has died due to someone else’s personal negligence or neglect. Victims can sue for monetary damages so no one goes to jail in this type of civil litigation.

Automobile accidents that are caused by negligence or reckless driving, people can file wrongful death lawsuits. In these case police reports from the crash scene, medical reports, blood alcohol and drug testing are frequently used to prove the case in wrongful death lawsuits.

When filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a doctor because medical malpractice occurred; it is important to have all of the facts straight that led to the death taking place. The patient’s files, doctors’ notes, witness testimony, and the events that happened afterward. Talking to medical experts is a great way to see if the circumstances in your case could have benefited from better medical intervention. In most wrongful death cases, expert witness testimony is a big factor in how a judge or jury will rule in your case.

The first thing that a person needs to do to file a lawsuit is to consult with an attorney for a consultation. A qualified attorney will review the case and see if the action should proceed and if a lawsuit should be filed in court. The family member making the claim has to have suffered monetary damages due to the death of the person in question. For example, the person needs to be a spouse, child, or defendant of the person who was killed. If the person did not suffer monetary damages then the clam cannot proceed in court.

If the victim’s family can prove that negligence caused the death and that monetary damages were suffered due to the negligence then they can proceed and file papers stating that they are suing the negligent party. Then, in turn the defendant can decide to offer a settlement offer to the family or take their chances by having the matter heard in a court of law. If a settlement offer is taken then the parties involved are usually bound to be silent about the terms of the agreement due to confidentiality agreements.

If you believe that a family member is a victim of wrongful death then you should consult with an attorney and consider filing a lawsuit. There is a statute of limitations in most states so file the lawsuit within the first few years of the incident or you will not be able to seek justice and get compensated for your monetary damages.